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How to invest in hyip safely and win?

HYIPs, which stands for high yield investment platforms, is a type of investment that pays higher profits on a short-term basis. Though many investors are cautious about these programs, you can still make SOME(not A LOT) money through HYIPs. The good thing about HYIPs is that you need not wait for long if you want to earn. However it comes with risk, and very high risk.

You have been warned that HYIP is a risky investment.

In my first article, I wrote about the risks of a HYIP investment, three things you need to know when investing in HYIP and how do they operate.

You can read the Part 1 of HYIP investing here, strongly recommended to do so before you proceed to read this article.

Today I’m going to share on how to invest in HYIP — the roadmap.

Types of HYIP programs

There are basically two types of HYIP programs.

  1. Principal guaranteed after plan ends.
  2. Principal is included in the plan.

1) Principal guaranteed after plan ends.

For 1st case, example will be Asebit and explosiveX.

In the case of Asebit, there are 2 plans.

Taking Blue plan for example, you can earn 4% daily for 30 days, and get back your deposit after 30 days.

So you are earning 4% * 30 + 100% = 220% of your initial capital.

A $1000 investment will get you $2200 at the end of 30 days.

Easy isn’t it?

2) Principal included in the plan.

For 2nd type of HYIP, deposit is included in the payout. Overall ROI is lesser in this case.

For example will be AsapAir and Quant.Express.

We take it in Quant.Express below.

You will get back 6.5% daily, for 22 days, principal included in payout.

So it will be 6.5% * 22 = 143% of your ROI.

A $1000 investment will give you $1430 at the end of 22 days.

Difference between both of them?

What’s the difference between these 2 programs, for the devs as well as for users like us?

In my experience, in HYIP with principal guaranteed after plan ends, projects tend to stop sooner as the payout will be higher. Usually with these plans, there is an option to withdraw your deposit with a 15–20% fee.

In HYIP that pays deposit during its payout, I find them more sustainable. Projects such as AsapAir and Quant.Express have been running quite well and stable.

Projects like Revelates, Starix, which I have invested in and they rugged, they promised principal deposit back and they can’t even sustain past 1 cycle.

Which should I invest in?

In my opinion, I feel you should only invest in projects that have a strong community and team. It is not difficult to notice it. There are many HYIP channels in Telegram and usually they will promote it when new ones come up.

If they created quite a big hype before they start, like explosiveX, you can be rather safe in earning at least 1 cycle from it.

Now, where do I know what projects are new and which are okay to join?

One will be to subscribe to my Medium and I will post them once I’ve joined the projects.

The other will be to join my Telegram channel. where I will be giving regular updates than in Medium.

Which projects I should NOT invest in?

Projects that promise hourly ROI, period.

Example will be PROFITEMAX.

Look how tempting the returns are?

This is a HUGE RED FLAG for me. I wouldn’t post it here in Medium as I won’t even be investing in them.

True enough, the project rugged after 4 days of running.

Another one will be BitCryptowall.

Another one that turned out to be SCAM. Now this is real scam because they won’t even pay out! They will have to ask u to deposit 35% of your deposit before you can withdraw.

So we have to be smart and alert to know all these tactics.

How does HYIPs operate?

There are a couple of ways they operate.

  1. They can take your money and do trading on their own. (hardly)
  2. They list their shit coins on small exchanges like pancakeswap and earn through listing of their coins.
  3. They depend on influx of new investors. (almost always)

Now before you mention the word, ponzi, yes almost all HYIP appears to be ponzi, but then again, all miner projects like Bakedbeans and ‘defi projects’ like DRIP and Elephant money, are all glorified ponzi, just that they haven’t fall like Swapnex and COTP did.

But does that mean you can’t earn from it? Far from it!

The key as I mention, is to know how to play with its rules. I will write a new article on how to invest in HYIPs — The Plan, where I will post with screenshots. Give me some time on it 🙂

My community

I will be creating a new telegram channel, where I will be uploading all my HYIPs verified programs here

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Currently invested HYIP platforms

AsapAir4% daily for 31 days. UPDATE 4/6 — they are still paying! Review here

Quant Express: 6.5% daily for 22 days UPDATE: 4/6 — they are still paying! Review here

ExplosiveX: 4% daily for 25 days, principal returned. UPDATE: 4/6 — they are still paying! Review here

Asebit4% daily for 30 days, principal returned. Review here

Current conservative passive income programs I’m invested in

Midas Investment: USDT 18.1% APY. Read my review here

Kryll: Trading bot making steady gains. Read my review here

Disclaimer: I am not a financial consultant, whatever that was written are my own experience. Please do your own research. Now as with all investments, only invest the amount that you can afford to lose, because investments can also be scams.

CAUTION: Always invest money that you can afford to lose, including in Asebit, the platform featured in this article. This is always a chance of ponzi/rug pull in high risk high yield investments.

My job is here to explore, test and share my experience being as an investor in these HYIP platforms. My blog is NEVER for people who are looking for HIGH YIELD RESULTS YET ARE CONSERVATIVE RISK-TAKERS, period. 🙂