Hyip Tips

New Tips on HYIP Investments

First Do Some Research

  • Before you invest, check out the following
  • Check the domain age of the platform
  • Find out their Deposit criteria
  • Have a live chat with the Admins
  • Find out if they have any social links like Telegram, WhatsApp etc. Make sure you chat and find out more
  • Check with others if you can how have had experiences with that platform.
  • Find out the withdrawal process and how long it takes

Deposits & Withdrawals

  • Find out if you can withdraw your principle as this should be the only thing you should look at .
  • Can you re-invest the profits. Note DO NOT REINVEST any of your profits back in. Most companies will ask to put in a new deposit.
  • Find out how long the plan is. Stay the course, do not withdraw before the plan ends. For e.g if the plan is 3 days. Put the deposit in, wait, 3 days and pull everything out.
  • Make sure you can pull your money out without having to put in any more money. This has to be confirmed before you make any deposits. If they say you need to, then stay away from these platforms.

Final Thoughts

  • Try and look for short term plans. For e.g between 2 and 10 days and then pull out your money. The longer the plans the higher the risk of any HYIP shutting down.
  • Do NOT take PM’s from Telegram from unknown people as they will convince you to invest in a platform that is most likely a scam.
  • Check with me on our Telegram group and we can look at it. . I have invested in over 20 platforms and can recommend 3 of them that I have used for a number of times.

1. Pearl Trading Finance.

2. Resto Investment.

3. AXTrader. This is where

I have put my money on HYIP’s . I would consider you look at both D.AI.S.Y and QubitLife as they are safer bets to invest instead of HYIP’s. . Be very careful of scammers.

They are verywhere and never give out any personal info or emails or usernames. They can trick you. . And finally Do NOT invest a big sum initially. See how you go first.