Hyip Tips

We hope this material will be in use for those, who hasn`t chosen the right guideline that would help along the capital growth and development.

First of all, we`d like to dwell upon the spectrum of guidelines, offered by HYIP market. Before clarifying, what program it is better to invest, every person, surely, studies methods of the work of the program and, correspondingly, principle of using the investments.

Today, in overwhelming majority, you will have the following list of methods to get the income: gold, currency (FOREX), betting, stock, oil market and a small sector of other investments, which are not so popular.

Among all possible, gold and FOREX are, certainly, the most priority, though other ones can also be interesting with a competent approach. OK. Let`s do it step by step. What is the best among all mentioned and where does the income come from – we tried to investigate the problem. So, starting with the most popular guideline – gold investment.

What do the HYIP programs, working with gold, imply? These are the programs, using investment funds, buying and selling gold bars. I.e. your money are used to buy and sell gold. The thing is that the situation in the world, hence on the markets, will never be stable. There is a war in one region, crop failure – in another. Continuous defects destabilize, reflecting on currencies rates and gold prices.

Besides, that`s important, buying and selling gold itself, influences the price as well! In such a way, big speculative companies can influence the market prices aloud, buying up and selling substantial volumes from currency reserves!

However, It`s equal, you can both earn money or go bankrupt, and experience and trader`s good work (the one you entrust with your funds) only, can be a guarantee, that your funds are used properly. It`s also worth mentioning that gambling on this market is practically impossible without significant funds that appear with the help of HYIP.

The second guideline and practically the same as the first one, according to funds` turnover is using funds on FOREX, currency market. The terms are the same to gold market and the “disturbance“ reasons are also the same. Here is the only difference: investing to a project, selling and buying on FOREX market, you invest to money purchase, not to gold (or any other valuable metals).

Another peculiarity of the market is that it`s more flexible and universal than the gold (or any other valuable metals) one. The thing is that the currencies prices are more or less stable in here.

So, if the US dollar is falling in price, another currency is rising in price, in such a way you can be successful for a long time, transferring the funds from one currency to another, hence keeping the growth dynamics. Still, the keenness of wit and fast decisions taking is needed here.

Choosing between those two parallels, we wouldn`t like to differentiate. The principle, volume and opportunities of both markets are huge. As you like. Accordingly, realizing the sense of their work, every investor can answer such an important question: how do they get so high percents?

The thing is that buying and reselling gold or currency, you can benefit, which achieves multiple (!) increasing of the amount deposited. It`s real, both for offline and online HYIP. Now let`s talk about some less popular, still interesting investment guidelines.

So, part of programs use betting funds, stock etc. We`ll say straight away – each of these guidelines is rather vexed. For instance, sporting betting (stakes), popular nowadays, is the most risky and quite similar to HYIP games, it`s better to gamble alone (though, if you know nothing about it, you can go bankrupt, then you should better entrust a professional with your funds or think of any other ways of investment).

Working with stocks or any other high-priced valuables (oil market, for example) means long term cooperation and depositing sufficient amounts. you should always be a professional, however it`s not so risky as in all the other cases. It`s because the activity on these markets is comparatively small, the changes don`t happen so sharply and suddenly.

Important feature for the programs, you are planning to invest into, is mostly, how fast you will receive your profit. Three variants are possible: daily payouts, weekly payouts and monthly payouts. Besides there are multiple ways of withdrawing your funds before the end of a program (in some program you are not able to withdraw funds till a certain date).

We discussed this question in one of the previous issues, now we can say that longer projects (the payouts take place not so frequently) are much more profitable and serious. Admins of these programs work with large amounts and investments are in work for a long period of time, that`s why the minimal investment amount is usually too high (up to 1000$). It`s hard to name well-defined priority in this sphere. Our advice is – combining.